Owning At Sugar Mill Pond

What is a neo-traditional neighborhood development?

The neo-traditional neighborhood, such as Sugar Mill Pond, integrates retail, office space, apartments, townhomes, and single-family detached residential homes into a functional “walking” neighborhood.  It creates a sense of place and tradition associated with the small towns of the past.

What are some current & future amenities?

Sugar Mill Pond features a children’s park complete with playground, half mile walking trail around the lake, fishing pier, kayak and pedal boat rentals, Romacelli, Crush yogurt, Full Circle Health, LGMC walk in clinic, Goodwill donation center, Rouses Market, CVS drug store, Ascension Episcopal High School and other retail and office space.  The possibilities are endless.

How big is Sugar Mill Pond?

The master plan is 509 acres.

Are individual lots available for purchase?

Sugar Mill Pond offers home/lot packages.  A home/lot package includes the lot, house plans, and the home construction.

Is Sugar Mill Pond in a flood zone?

Sugar Mill Pond is NOT in a flood zone.

What are the Homeowners association dues and security fees?

Each household pays $70 per month for HOA dues. Sugar Mill Pond has an active Homeowner’s Owner Association that meets monthly, sends the HOA newsletter to all residents, and monitors the covenants of the neighbor.  These dues cover maintenance and upkeep of all common areas and the monthly monitoring services of homes, provided by Acadiana Security Plus as well as on-site live nightly security personnel.

How big is the Pond?

The Pond is 8 acres with wooden bulk head, fountains, fishing pier, and boardwalk.  The walk around the Pond is a ½ mile.

Where do I check my mail?

In the traditional neighborhood design, mail delivery was centrally located as it is in Sugar Mill Pond.  The mailboxes are located in Village Market and are available to check 7 days a week during the Market’s published hours of operation.

What does Sugar Mill Pond offer me as a resident that is not offered to non-residents?

Residents have access to the boat rentals, Palfrey Park, St. Jude Park, and the green spaces that are throughout Sugar Mill Pond.  In the resident section of our website you will find forms to be completed if you would like to hold a function using one of the green spaces.  Also, resident-only functions are held throughout the year.

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